Things you can do in Iran

The first thing you can while traveling in Iran is to visit the worldwide famous monuments of Iran

Many of these sites are free to visit, but the museums and palaces charge you

Monuments Squares Cathedrals
Museums Palaces Towers
Mosques Shrines Bazaars
Bridges Tombs Galleries

Things you can do in Iran

There are wide variety of sport activities you can do while you are traveling in Iran

Most of these activities are pretty cheap and the equipment are provided by the club owners

Sports Off-road 4WD
Cycling Hiking
Water Sports Gliding
Skiing Boating

Things you can do in Iran

You will amazed by the wide range of foods served in restaurants in Iran

The first type of food you should definitely  try is the traditional food of Iran

Restaurants Chinese Food
Fast Food Japanese Food
Traditional Food Asian Food
Italian Food Thai Food

Things you can do in Iran

If you are planning to spend an enjoyable time in nature Iran is full of wonderful places to visit

Most of the natural places in Iran are intact and in most seasons peaceful and not crowded

Nature Forests Deserts
Waterfalls Beaches Islands
Lagoons Lakes Zoos
Mountains Gulf Gardens

Event Planning

Looking for a specific festival or carnival? We can ensure you that you won’t miss any major festival here in Iran while traveling with us.

The most important festivals in Iran are covered in our tailor-made tours, so if you are looking for a special festival contact us.

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