As Iran is a mountainous country, there are many sites suitable for gliding and most of these sites provide you with suitable equipment.

Azarshahr Paragliding Site

Azarshahr is a Town near Tabriz, and the famous peak of Sahand. Take off is available at 2,230 m form all direction but east. The best direction to take off is when the wind direction is NW.
Altitude : 2250m
Location : 37.6759, 45.9721

Tangrah Gliding Site

The site is situated in Golestan Provice near the road from Gorgan to Bojnord Road.

Altitude : 1240m
Location : 37.396624,55.787855

Tarom Gliding Site

The site is situated in Gilan Provice near the road from Bonab to Gilvan (Tarom-Gilvan Road).

Altitude : 1074m
Location : 36.8108, 48.9120

Gavazang Gliding Site

The site is situated near Zanjan, near Gavazang Dam.

Altitude : 2107m
Location : 36.7138, 48.5323


Take off area is relatively small, therefore, launch will be one by one in to the south. Hang glider take off site is on the west side about 200m away. The site is located near Damavand, near Tehran.

Altitude : 2844m
Location : 35.7129, 52.1350


The site is situated inside one of the biggest deserts in Iran. On the top of a ‘sand’ hill. We can say ‘dust’, it’s the same! Local claims 80m height from ground with 3km length for ridge soaring. The most important city near the site is Yazd city.

Altitude : 1352m

Location : 31.9521, 54.4598

Shahran (peak)

Atop of the rage crest overshadowing the northern suburb of Tehran. North West of the city, good for learning. Take off are is flat and nicely taken care of, albeit a little dusty, as is the case with many Iranian official mountain sites.

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Altitude : 2320m
Location : 35.8076, 51.2851

Emam Zadeh Hashem (Mosha)

On the way to Amol at Haraz road after passing Ab-e-Ali ski resort continue to Emam Zadeh Hashem shrine.The flying site will be at right hand side just behind & above shops & inn. Fallow a short off road on right side after parking & shops to East & turn back to West (about 500M). This road is not accessible in winter due to snow coverage hence you have to park car down on parking & hike about 200 meter up to take off site.

Altitude : 2730m

Location : 35.7780, 52.0416