Seyhoun Art Gallery

Seyhoun Art Gallery was founded in 1966 in Tehran by Massoumeh Noushin Seyhoun, herself a painter whose modern works long appeared in many events in Iran and abroad.


Mohsen Gallery

is one of the leading contemporary art galleries in Tehran. It was founded by Ehsan Rasoulof in memory of Mohsen Rasoulof on January the 8th 2010.


Assar Art Gallery

With a large collection of modern and contemporary Iranian art and 12 well-known visual artists in attendance, Assar Art Gallery plays a significant role in Tehran’s artistic landscape. The gallery first opened its doors in October 1999 under the direction of Omid Tehrani and operated for 4 years in Darakeh, an area on the hillsides of the Alborz range north of the city.  The gallery relocated in 2004 and is now based in one of the city’s richest cultural districts in the centre of Tehran.


Shirin Art Gallery

Shirin Art Gallery, established in Tehran since 2005, is dedicated to the presentation and promotion of emerging as well as established artists from Iran. In addition to paintings, sculptures and photography, there is a section for exclusive books and a small gift shop.


About Mah Art Gallery

Thanks to the unwavering efforts and achievements of artists and generous patronage of art lovers, there has been a remarkable progress in the presentation of visual arts in Iran. The establishment of Mah Gallery, incorporating this tidal-wave of artistic advancement in recent years, parallels this evolving movement. Mah Gallery strives to create an appropriate arena for the presentation of visual arts with mutual cooperation of artists, art critics, and patrons, both in Iran and worldwide.


Henna Art Gallery

Henna Art Gallery began its work by showing the works of established artists and also selected works of young artists and introducing them to the art society with the principle of supporting art and Iranian artists in mind. The Gallery’s goal is to create an ambiance where artists, art lovers and collectors can enjoy, comment on and also choose works of art.


Silk Road Art Gallery

Established in 2001, this art gallery has been dedicated to Iranian photography.


Aun Gallery

Aun Gallery is Tehran’s first privately-owned art space designed and built to showcase contemporary art. The building offers 120 square meters of open exhibition space, a five-meter high ceiling and a paneled roof to provide maximum natural light. Aun Gallery allows for optimal exhibition of all types of art media (painting, photography, sculpture, video, installation) while offering the visitor a new art viewing experience.


Khak Gallery

Established in 2002 and directed by Mandana Farahmand Pooya, Khak Gallery is one of most distinguished art galleries in Tehran, with a solid background in visual and contemporary arts.

The gallery organizes monthly exhibitions throughout the year, ranging from photography and painting to installation and performance. Many of the past cutting-edge events have been received by the Iranian art community and critics as being sharply insightful and challenging contributing to a better understanding of the idea of curatorship and supportive for the growing art market in Tehran.


Siin Gallery

Siin Gallery is an amiable bright exhibition space in western Tehran; in fact, the one and only art gallery in the area: the building is attractive, covered with ivy and the architecture inside is fluid. Although it is not a long time since this gallery has started working under the current name, there is a long history behind it: Ms Saideh Lotfi, the owner and director, ran another gallery from 1990 to 1998 in exactly the same place. In those years, many renowned artists and sculptors held their solo and group exhibitions in this space. The works of the artists of this generation will continue to be shown in Siin Gallery along the works of younger generations.


Etemad Gallery

In 2002, Etemad Gallery, was established in Tehran by Mina and Amir Hossein Etemad.
Mina Etemad, a pioneer of contemporary art in Iran, was among the first to join the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art. She was instrumental in helping to position Iran as one of the biggest collectors of western art during the 1970’s in the middle east.


Aaran Art Gallery

This center was established to create a forum for the promotion of the Iranian arts and Iranian contemporary artists; to establish a center for the promotion of artistic exchanges between South-west Asian, North African, and South-east Asian nations; to encourage dialogue between artists, critics, collectors, and public; and to sponsor original artistic ideas and projects.