In the Maze of Iran’s Caves : Two marvelous historical cities Hamedan and Kermanshah

  • Destination: Hamedan, Kermanshah, Lalehjin, Oramantakht
  • Duration: 5 days
  • Price: $1500

Iran’s Caves

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Day 1

Tehran to Alisadr Cave in Hamedan

Leaving Tehran, and passing through Saveh and Kabudarahang, we get to Alisadr Cave, a perfect kick off for our five day trip. Setting up a small camp near the cave, we have our lunch, and then we move off to the entrance of the cave, the biggest water cave in Iran and the Middle-East. Finishing our tour in the cave, we move to Hamedan, a city used to be known as Hegmataneh.

Day 2

Hamedan (Hegmatane)

We start our day with a perfect breakfast preparing us for taking a stroll in the historical parts of the city. Visiting ancient city of Hegmatane as the first capital city of Iran, checking out tomb of Abu Ali Sina, well known Iranian Physician, tomb of Babataher, a famed Iranian Poet, and Dome of Alavian will be the first part of our trip. After lunch, we move a city eminent for its clay among Iranians: Lalehjin. We visit traditional workshops, and watching the thousands of year’s old process leaves us breathless. You can also shop for clay dishes. Provided you are a fan. After going back to Hamedan, for our evening fun, we decided to go to Abasabad, a region of delightful weather, hoping to try a tasty local dish in the restaurant and a chairlift ride.

Day 3

Kermanshah (Anahita Temple and Bistoon)

 We move off to Kermanshah and on our way visit the historical area of Anahita Temple, dating back to Parthian era. Another interesting fact about this place is that it has been a place for praising the goddess of water: ‘Mitra’. Afterwards, we go to Bistoon, an ancient inscription left from Achaemenianera, and more interestingly it turned out to be the key to revealing Cuneiform Writing. Besides, we spent some time checking out other historical parts of Bistoon Mountain which will take us to Kermanshah. Checking into hotel, we will spend our evening taking tour of town, the round off being a pleasurable local dinner called Dandeh Kebab.

Day 4


In order to re-energize ourselves, we’ll get some more rest this morning, and afterwards we’ll head off to ancient and historical area of TagheBostan, left from Sasanian era inside which can be found some of the most mysterious, yet at the same time unique carvings in the mountains. Having visited this invaluable place, we’ll leave Kermanshah so as to check out the cave of GhouriGhale, one of the largest water caves of the Middle East dating back to more than sixty-five million years ago. We’ll have lunch somewhere in the vicinity of this cave, which is the last part of our trip before moving to the village of Oramantakht in which we’ll reside in a local rural house. Hiking in the village, checking out handicraft workshops, enjoying local dishes, and listening to local Kordi music will shape our stay there.

Day 5

Back to Tehran

 Early in the morning, we’ll head out to spend part of our day in Pond of Hashilan. Enjoying our breakfast, a couple of hours went by watching migrating birds afterwards of which we went back to Tehran through the road of Kermanshah-Hamedan. We’ll have lunch in the historical city of Hamedan after which we’ll carry on our trip. A small town near the capital, famed for its pomegranates is on our way. If you are lucky enough to travel there in the pomegranates picking season, you can enjoy one of the juiciest pomegranates the whole world over.

Economy Accommodation High Season Low Season
  • Hamedan and Kermanshah
Single $1500 $1300
Double $1200 $1050

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