Looking for the footsteps of ‘Aylamyn’ : Traveling to the South-east of Iran (Khuzestan)

  • Destination: Abadan, Ahvaz, Dezful, Ize, Khoramshahr, Masjedsoleiman, Shadegan, Shush, Shushtar
  • Duration: 6 days
  • Price: $1500

Traveling to the South-east of Iran (Khuzestan)

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Day 1

Abadan and Khoramshahr

We start off our trip by flying to the farthest Southwestern point of Iran, a port city called Abadan. This city is mostly known for the refineries built by the British. A city which takes great pride in its gracious people and the different living conditions. In the city, we check out one of the deep-rooted neighborhoods which has been specifically built for the workers of refinery by the British, dating back to the days when the British used to play a role in Abadan. Following our visit, we’ll set off to the mosque of Zangunuia standing out in the city with a rich Iranian Indian architecture; afterwards, we’ll check out the Armenians Church – a visit the round off of which will be lunch in an eminent Pakistani restaurant. Our suggestion for lunch would be GhalieeMahi, or other types of local fish. After lunch, we’ll go to groves which will familiarize us with different stages of growing and harvesting date palm. The next part of our trip would be towards the shore of the Behmanshir River in the city of Khoramshahr. Visiting museum of war, hanging out by the side of the river, and a boat ride while enjoying tasty local falafel will put an end to this part of our trip. After checking in a hotel for getting some rest, we’ll spend the night in the most crowded part of the town: Tahlenji.

Day 2

Shadegan and Ahvaz

Having breakfast, we’ll set off to Shadegan, a city known mostly for its pond which is registered as an international pond. Enjoying boat rides in the pond while watching animals like bufflehead would take this experience to a whole other level. We’ll have lunch near the pond after which we’ll move for Ahvaz. Going to the local bazaar, historical structure of the city will take us to the next part of our journey: nightlife by the Karun River.

Day 3


The third morning we went down to Karun River closely to check out the invocation of ‘Mandaeans’ Ritual that dates back several thousand years and its roots can be traced back to the worship of the Holy Prophet Yahya. After lunch in Ahvaz will be the visit of the world-famous waterfall and water mill town on the World Heritage List by UNESCO as a World registered monument: Shushtar. After visiting waterfalls, we’ll go back a to traditional hotel accommodation to get a little rest so as to have enough energy for watching the sunset along the Karun River and surf in the afternoon and evening. After dinner and traditional Iranian tea, we will return to the hotel for rest.

Day 4

Masjedsoleiman and Ize

We’ll move to the cities of Masjedsoleiman and Ize. A short stop in Masjedsoleiman and visiting well – the first oil well dug in Iran by the British – will take us to Ize, an ancient city dating back to ‘Aylamyn’ era. Our first destination in Ize is visiting historical area of Ashkoftsalman. After lunch, we’ll head off to ancient region of Koolfarah, the goal being checking out its stone carvings. We’ll leave Ize for the beautiful artificial built inside the lake of a local dam. A resort overlooking the beautiful mountains surrounding it. Here you would be able to enjoy a variety of leisure activities such as biking and boat riding. We’ll spend the night in one of the hotels of the lake and enjoy our dinner in a restaurant overlooking the lake.

Day 5

Historical monuments of Shush

With breakfast being over, we’ll head off to ancient city of Shush, the first part of our journey being Ziggurat of Choghazanbil. A Ziggurat left from the Aylamyn era with more than four thousand years of history, known as a unique Ziggurat the whole world over. This part of our trip coming to an end, we’ll move to sugar cane farms of Haftape, enjoying the ancient district of Haftape – a tomb going back to five thousand years ago relating to the king of Aylamyn. Visiting Apadana Castle, summer mansion of Achaemenian, and tomb of DanialeNabi with its unique architecture will be our activities in Shush, afterwards of which we’ll go to Dezful for spending the night in a tourism hotel.

Day 6

Wandering in Dezful

Leaving for the lake of ‘Dez’ Dam early in the morning, we’ll have breakfast by the dam while enjoying the boat ride. Once again, we’ll go back to the city for taking a pleasurable stroll in the city, and after that we’ll have lunch in a traditional local restaurant. Shopping for some souvenirs is what prompted us to pay a visit to the traditional bazaar, which was accompanied by a stopover at the historical bridge of this town, dating back to Sasanian era. Eventually, we’ll move to airport for flying back to Tehran.

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  • Southeast of Iran (Khuzestan)
Single $1500 $1300
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