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Iran is truly one of the worlds beautiful countries, not just in nature but in its culture and variety of ethnic groups inhabiting it. Compared to trekking in other countries in the region, Iran offers better serviced trekking routes making trekking easy and comfortable. Though if you are not inclined to stay in tea-house and […]

The best off-road tours are available in deserts of Iran. For a short trip you can take two-hour tours in Mesr Desert. Also, some tours are available for 4 – 5 days: Passing through villages and oases in the heart of Iran Central Desert such as Farahzad, Aroosan, Koreh gaz Visiting Naiin, Anarak and Meybod […]

Dizin Ski Resort The Dizin ski complex is the first ski and winter sport resort in Iran which has been officially recognized and granted by the International Ski Federation for its capability in administrating official and international competitions. Location: Dizin is situated on the north mountains of Tehran at Gajereh region which is 123 km […]

Kish Island Water Sports Facilities Kish Free Zone Organization has provide sport grounds and modern facilities for tourists and the residents alike. The unique climatic conditions of the Island has encouraged Kish Free Zone Organization to provide a wide range of water sports facilities . Tourists can dynamically participate in water sports such as :  […]

As Iran is a mountainous country, there are many sites suitable for gliding and most of these sites provide you with suitable equipment. Azarshahr Paragliding Site Azarshahr is a Town near Tabriz, and the famous peak of Sahand. Take off is available at 2,230 m form all direction but east. The best direction to take […]

Chitgar Park Chitgar Forest Park is situated in Tehran province, Iran. It is an artificial forest and covers an area of 14.5 square kilometers west of Tehran. It lies within the borders of Tehran’s district 22. It also has different ramps and facilities for cycling and skating. It is one of the largest parks of […]

Western theorists of the political and social sciences have typically held that increasing secularism is an inevitable feature of modern nation-states. Some states may be openly hostile to any expression of religion as a factor in public affairs; others tend to reduce religious life to the realm of nothing more than individual, discretionary, personal behavior […]

Tomb of Hafez The Tomb of Hafez and its associated memorial hall, the Hāfezieh, are two memorial structures erected in the northern edge of Shiraz, Iran, in memory of the celebrated Persian poet Hafez. The open pavilion structures are situated in the Musalla Gardens on the north bank of a seasonal river and house the […]

If there is one thing Iran is known for around the world, it is undoubtedly its carpets. Persian carpets (many of which are actually made by non-Persian peoples in Iran) represent one of the most distinguished and distinctive manifestations of Iranian culture and art. Hand-woven Persian carpets are among the most treasured possessions of homes, […]

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