Alongside the soothing sound of Church Bells in Iran and a stay in the handmade village of “Kandovan”

  • Destination: Daresham, Jolfa, Osku, Qazvin, Salmas, Tabriz, Tehran, Uromia, Zanjan, Zanuzagh
  • Duration: 7 days
  • Price: $2100

The fabulous Churches of Iran

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Day 1

Tehran to Tabriz

The journey commences from the capital city, Tehran, towards the Northwestern parts of Iran. Moving towards historical town of Zanjan, we make a short stop to have breakfast in the vicinity of a town to be only passed through called Qazvin. Having had our meal, we carry on until we get to our destination, determined beforehand. In the city, we check out the “Museum of Archeology,” and then we move to the city of salt people, the history of which goes back to Achaemenianand Sasanian era. Our stay in Zanjan is quite short, and after having lunch, we continue our journey with Tabriz, a magnificent city in the Northwest, being ahead of us. If all goes well, we will be in Tabriz by the dusk. After checking into a hotel and enjoying our dinner, we decided to make our night by going to “Ilgoli,” an up-country enclosure, knowing that the area surrounding it has been said to be way more thrilling than the building itself. There is nothing as enjoyable as drinking a hot cup of traditional Iranian tea, after which we will go back to our hotel for getting some rest.

Day 2

Church of St. Stepanus

Having a tasty local breakfast including eggs, honey, and some milk early in the morning, we move towards the border city of Jolfa. On our way, before getting to Church of St. Stepanus, we will stop at stair village of Zanuzagh , and will have been enjoying walking in fragrant gardens while we will be shopping for local goods such as some sort of apricot by product. For lunch, we will be guests at the house of one of the many gracious people of this village, and then will pay a visit to a workshop of carpet weaving. There is only one more stop left: the abandoned village of Daresham nearby the shore of the Aras River, hoping to get a good sight of the Church of St. Stepanus, which has been registered in the UNESCO as a world heritage and is known to be one of the most eminent Churches of Armenians the whole world over, to an extent that some believe a few apostles and Imam Yahya are buried here. Aside from the Church, we will go to the river which will take us back to Jolfa, where we will stay the night after taking the tour of the city.

Day 3

St. Thaddeus Monastery

We will pick up our trip by moving along the Aras River, the border between Iran and Azerbaijan, and will have breakfast near Aras Dam, and then will move to the beautiful garden of Baghchejugh and the spectacular plain of Chaldoran. After having dinner, we turn to the St. Thaddeus Monastery, registered in the list of UNESCO World Heritage – a church which is the most significant building for Armenians- religious-wise that is. Knowing that one of the apostles has been buried might make it more exciting for the ones who get to visit this majestic Church for the first time. Besides this visit, we look into the Church of Zurzur which is overlooking the dam of Baruninside the lake of which the Church had been located; however, with a specific plan the whole structure was re established and was transferred to the heights having a view over the Lake. The visits being over and having taken pleasure in the sunset, we move back to our hotel to spend the night.

Day 4


we carry on our way towards the city of Salmas, a city in the northern part of the Lake of Uromia – one of the largest salt lakes in the world, and will stay in the nature resort nearby the lake. In this resort, visitors get to enjoy a variety of leisure activities such as sludge treatment, swimming in the saltwater and other activities such as biking.

Day 5

Nane Maryam Church & Kandovan Village

We will then leave for Uromia, and will stop at the smallest church of the country, called Nane Maryam. Lunch will be served in our hotel, and will get ourselves to a Bazaar for getting some unique souvenirs including sweets. Having run some errands, we go on towards the village of Dastkan Kandovan in the vicinity of a small town called Osku, a beautiful village made up of volcanic rocks. Another interesting point in this village is its people living in rock houses shaped like sugarloaves. Enjoying local cuisine, staying in the houses of villagers, and getting engrossed in majestic sceneries, the fifth of our journey will be spent here.

Day 6

Tabriz (Bazaar, Kabud Mosque, and Ilgoli)

After having breakfast, we pick up our journey where we had left off. Our next destination will be Tabriz in which we will have the privilege of having visited the largest roofed over Bazaar the whole world over. We will have dinner in the Bazaar, and then move on to other attractions of the city- constitutional house, Kabud Mosque, museum of Azerbaijan (keep in mind this is Azerbaijan, a province in Iran, not the country.) For the finish off dinner, we decided to go a leisure resort the magnificence of which will absorb you beyond your wildest imagination: Ilgoli.

Day 7
Zanjan to Tehran

After the breakfast, we head back to Tehran through the same highway that got us here in the first place. On our way, we make a short stop in Zanjan, visiting a knife making workshop, which is what Zanjan is mostly known for, among other things, of course. As the last part of our stay in Zanjan, we paid a visit to the largest brick dome of the world: Dome of Soltanieh.

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